"Her performance.. was utterly beautiful, delicate and graceful." 

- Robert Commanday, San Francisco Chronicle










"Poetry, balance and technical assurance were the attributes of a pleasant evening of piano music..." 

- Carl Cunningham, San Francisco Chronicle










"The..delicacy - which was frank and forward moving - gave choice pleasure to her 3,000 listeners." 

- Alexander Fried, San Francisco Examiner











"Tomoko Hagiwara brings clarity, spirit and power to music. She opens the heart and mind with the beauty which is fundamental to the art of performance." 

- Don Campbell, Author of Master Teacher: Nadia Boulanger and The Mozart Effect

"She gives me so much inspiration, because she captures the total integrity of every piece, cherishing each composer’s own creative intention, something I have not witnessed since I, as a child, heard Rubinstein play Chopin. Such dedication and diligence in preserving this authenticity in musical interpretation is extremely courageous and so difficult to find in our time. Her technique is amazing. She has such power, not power in a violent, aggressive sense, but to the contrary, her power is so soft and sincere, that it reaches deeper and lasts much longer." 

- Shanti Ruchpaul, Paris